Meticulously planned, every detail is thoughtfully taken care of at each Xanadu apartment. Right from the kitchen area to lounging to the sleeping space. Ample storage will ensure your belongings are not strewn around. Even the bathroom with a shower cubicle or jacuzzi bathtub allows you to have those long lingering moments with yourself, nursing a cooling drink. Not to forget the electronic entry and the remote control that lights up your apartment at the press of a button.
The cosy studio apartment could be fitted with trendy furniture, high-end flooring, vibrant colors and state-of-the-art fittings, kitchenette and a sleek workstation. Each studio will also have a picturesque balcony allowing for ample light and fresh air. WiFi Brodband Internet connectivity and multiple level security systems will make Xanadu the most techfriendly home in town.

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